Plug-in de modelação
*Necessário iLok 2 para autorizar o produto, vendido separadamente

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Plug-in de modelação
*Necessário iLok 2 para autorizar o produto, vendido separadamente
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FG-Bomber is an Analog Modeled Dynamic Impact Enhancer. It can make your tracks and mixes more dimensional, impactful, exciting, and more alive sounding. It can make the elements of your mix extrude from the speakers, adding a front to back depth that can even translate to small speaker systems. It accomplishes this by using one of our most complex and unique fully analog modeled digital circuit paths consisting of special harmonic generators, compressors, saturators, filters and more. And it is for that reason that many people will find that the Bomber by itself can literally replace entire series of processing chains.

Drive - controls the amount of signal sent to the effect processors. It is suggested that the drive parameter be adjusted so that the VU needle peaks at the little bomb icon. This setting will provide the most impact. By pushing it past the bomb icon, more depth and sustain can be had.

Intensity - this parameter blends the effected signal with the dry signal. Small amounts of intensity can create subtle impact, space, and depth. Large amounts of intensity can produce extremely punchy and fat sounding results.

Tone - selects one of the three preset effect styles: Present, Fat, or Tight.

Output - allows fine tuning of the output level

The Bomber can literally help your mixes extrude from the speakers so that the listener can become more immersed in the music. It can act as a dynamic enhancer, analog harmonic processor, transient enhancer, compressor… and all at the same time!

Requisitos de sistema

  • Processador Quad Core i5
  • 4GB de RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 ou superior
  • Windows 7 ou superior
  • Necessário iLok2
  • Processador Quad Core i7
  • 8GB de RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.9 ou superior
  • Windows 7 ou superior
  • Necessário iLok2
Formatos suportados de plug-ins
  • 32bit e 64bit: AAX, VST2, VST3 e AU